5 June 2015

Tag: The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you and hugs to Ling, who tagged me in the Award! The Versatile Blogger Award is about quality of writing and uniqueness. And it's a fun, "get to know the blogger" style of tag!

I don't know about writing quality because I'm rambly, but thank you!! ♥ 

The rules of this tag are that I'll share 7 random facts about me and then nominate blogs (the recommended is 15).

1. I love starting with this fact every time: I'm 5'7"! That's rather tall for a Chinese woman, so a lot of people don't expect this. So in case you want to meet up, now you know whether you'll have to look up at me or not...

2. English is the language I'm most comfortable in, but I grew up speaking Mandarin. I can still hold a conversation with it, but I don't know a lot of random, everyday nouns. Aside from this, I can understand some Tagalog and Fujianese (and Taiwanese because it's similar) because that's what my family speaks. 

3. I like living in big cities. Although my family has always lived in the big suburb of a bigger city, I prefer the hustle and bustle of busy streets. I spent several years as a kid in Quezon City, which is essentially a suburb of Manila. And now I'm in a Toronto suburb, spending a ton of my time in Toronto. (Also, does anyone call it T Dot? I feel like you shouldn't.)

4. I like drinking coffee, but you probably won't see me drinking any. I have a cup every morning and I feel like any more during the day is probably a bad idea. But sometimes, I'm offered free coffee and I make bad decisions. Like 2 litres of coffee in just as many hours. 

5. I'm a Potterhead. I grew up reading Harry Potter (since I was 9!) and the series is still near and dear to my heart. My birthday is July 31, and I'm a Gryffindor. I am Harry(ette) Potter. I know a lot of the details and I love talking about the Potterverse and analyzing the story. So hit me up for Harry Potter meta? 

6. I'm named after a lot of things, but most notably Christine, the Stephen King story about a demonic vintage car. Thanks, dad.

7. My favourite genre of music is "this sounds like indie rock, but it got popular." I'm a faux-hipster and I'm ok with it.

Now it's your turn!

I tag Whitney, Kristy, Wendy, Jodi, Chelle, Janet and Vibussha! Check 'em all out. 


  1. I'm jealous of your height, I wish to be taller than what I am now! lol We have some things in common, I love coffee but only in the morning and I'm also a Potterhead but probably not as much as you do. I spend most of my childhood in the Philippines, only came here (Canada) when I was 13/14 yrs old so I can still definitely speak Tagalog! Love this post! <3

    A whole lot of serendipity

  2. Ooh, you are TALL! Most of us Chinese gals are 5-5'4!

  3. Thank you! ♥
    I used to speak Tagalog because I learned it in school, but I stopped using it when I moved to Canada when I was 9. I still know a teeny bit, enough to get the idea when someone is talking to me!

  4. I know! Now imagine adding heels ;) ♥

  5. Wow so tall! :) hehe. Who doesn't love Harry Potter? ;)

  6. I'm a huge Potter fan too!! Seriously, my online pseudonym before I started blogging was "siriusismyhero". Thanks for the nomination! <3

  7. Liking Harry Potter is the default, right? :P And my pleasure!

  8. Yes, Potterheads unite! The next time Potted Potter comes to Toronto, you need to see it if you haven't. It's a hilarious retelling of all seven books by two guys who act them out. It is amazing! Thanks for tagging me!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  9. Yes! Harry Potter is one of my all a time I favourite things! I'm always appalled to find someone who doesn't like the books or movies!

    Also, were you seriously named after the car in Christine? Because that's kinda hilarious and awesome...!

    Does most of your music sound like FOB? Because if so, we have more than just Harry Potter and coffee in common :-P

    Thanks for the tag!

  10. I haven't seen Potted Potter, but now have YOU seen A Very Potter Musical? It's a comedy/musical that's a mashup of all the books!
    And my pleasure! ♥

  11. Yep, I was! There are a few other Christines that my dad decided to name me after, but the car is definitely one of them.
    And uh normally my music doesn't sound specifically like FOB, but I've actually gotten REALLY into FOB lately and I've had their entire discography on repeat for 2 weeks?? But otherwise, bands like Arctic Monkeys, CHVRCHES, Marina and the Diamonds, Dragonette...

  12. Thanks for doing the tag! Yeah I was kind of surprised by how tall you were when we met lol. I grew up speaking Cantonese but I'm more comfortable speaking English now as well. I haven't read any Harry Potter books yet! I'll get to it... eventually.

    Ling | The Cosmetic Critic

  13. My pleasure! Thanks for tagging me! ♥
    The first two (or three) Harry Potter books definitely read more like children's stories, but the style really grows up with the characters, because the audience was growing up as well!

  14. Oh my gosh, yes. Darren Criss for life! :D