26 February 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Swatches

Several months ago, I posted a review about the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. It was essentially a rave post, because these lipsticks are the best thing ever. Since that post, though, I've picked up two new shades and I realized that I didn't actually provide swatches on them.

So while Vampira and Exorcism have appeared before, here's a swatchfest of my entire KVD liquid lipstick collection!

In no particular order...

Beloved, a bright pink-coral.
Kat Von D describes this as a "soft coral" but it's a bit too bright to be "soft."

Lovesick, a mauvey lavendery nude. Or, the more succinct Kat Von D description: "mauve nude."
I was really iffy about this shade when I first picked it up, but it's growing on me. I got a lot of compliments the first time I wore this shade out, so that definitely helps! It pulls a little lavender, but still looks like a nude.

Bow N Arrow, a "fawn nude."
I'll be honest, I was really worried about ~poop lips~ for this shade, but it's not bad. It's definitely unique in my collection!

Vampira, "deep red burgundy."
This one applies patchy, as a lot of other people have noticed. However, I find that it's possible to even it out by applying in thin layers.

Double Dare, "cocoa blush."
This is another shade I always get compliments on. It's currently my favourite MLBB, and I'm pretty sure I squealed when I saw it in stock in stores.

Berlin, "warm rose."
This is really really neon in real life, okay. It used to be my go-to party shade because it's just so much fun (and the formula won't make me look like a mess).

Exorcism, "ripe blackberry."
Like Vampira, this one applies pretty patchy. But again, thin layers can really even it out. I love love love the purple tones in this. It also totally dries matte like all the others, but I wore lip balm under this because my lips were starting to hurt doing these swatches.

Santa Sangre, "poison apple."
The bright orange-red is one of my fave reds in my collection.

Lolita, "chestnut rose."
This looks so '90s grunge lips on me, and I'm so dang in love. It pulls more brown than rose on me, and it's surprisingly dark against my skintone.

Lolita II, "terracotta rose."
Another awesome MLBB that looks really similar to Double Dare but more brown.

There are still a handful of shades I'd love to pick up, but I'm really happy with my collection so far. These lipsticks are my fail-safes, and I know I can trust any one of these shades no matter the occassion.

I'll be honest though, after swatching about three of these, it took longer and longer for me to do one after. I really had to work myself up to it. So I'll be taking a break from marathon-swatching matte lipsticks for like, three months or something.

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