1 March 2016

essence in Makeupland: SS16 Preview

I was recently invited to a preview event for the new releases from essence. There's a lot of new and exciting stuff, along with news that A LOT of essence products will be available at Loblaws!

The event had an Alice in Wonderland theme, which was super cute. Alice in Wonderland has a really special place in my heart. Maybe because I'm named after the title character?

Among the new products are two shades of the ombre blush, seen here in the coral-pink combo. Also, the decor at the event was totally on point and full of dreams and #aestheticgoals.

Isn't this the cutest?? I can't get over it.

One of the things I was super surprised about were the new foundations and concealers. I really never expected essence to bring out products that would require so much finesse to get right. After all, while nearly everyone can get along with a single nail polish formula, there's no such thing as one-formula-for-all in foundation. They're also releasing a new makeup box with a bronzer, highlighter and blush.

Aaaand now for the exciting stuff. essence will have loads of shelf space at Loblaws, meaning a bunch of new Loblaws-exclusive products! Among those products are a bunch of these really beautiful nail polish shades, seven new lipliners and even more of the makeup boxes. The foundations, concealers and colour correctors will also be exclusive to Loblaws.

Gimme a sec to find my closest one. Those nail polishes are calling me!

Hey, look! It me!
(photo by Katherine Holland, courtesy of Faulhaber Communications)

Some of the new products not seen in the photos are liquid lipsticks (!!!), sheer lipsticks, brow gel, contouring powders, a brow box, nail polishes and lip gloss.

The new releases will be available in-store at your local Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart by the end of March. Is there anything you're excited about?

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