3 June 2016

Friday Fave #2

It's time for another Friday Fave post!

I'll be honest, I wasn't at all interested in the essence Sheer & Shine lipsticks when I first saw them: they're everything I normally avoid in a lipstick. But after using them for a little while? I'm definitely in love!

In my review back when I first got these, I was surprised that I didn't hate them right away. The colours are not nearly as sheer as I expected them to be, and most of them build up really well. And they're such a moisturizing formula, which is such a welcome relief after using matte lipsticks almost daily.

The essence Sheer & Shine lipsticks have juuust enough colour and are such a joy to apply and reapply, honestly I feel like you can't go wrong with these. My only caveat is that I'd avoid anything lighter than All About Cupcake for anyone with my skin tone or darker. All About Cupcake, which is the pale pink above, is as light as I can go without looking washed out.

They're such an easy grab-and-go lipstick that I've taken to keeping BFF (the darker pink above) in my purse. You can see Glamour Queen (the brown) in action here in my Stila palette FOTD and BFF here in my Cover Girl palette FOTD.

If you still can't tell, I highly recommend the Sheer & Shine lipsticks. These are definitely an awesome spring and summer lippie, and at such an awesome price! And because they're on the sheer end of the scale, these are also amazing for work.

Go out and get one!

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